Campus Layout - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre


  • Administration/Office area: OPD and Indoor consultations, orientation, new admissions, all administrative work, accounts, Library sale of common items such as catheter tube, oil for shirodhara, etc.
  • Treatment Section (Ladies / Gents): Gender-segregated treatment facilities are provided at this location, which serves as the primary hub for administering a wide range of therapeutic treatments. Here, individuals can avail themselves of various therapies such as various types of massages, steam baths, hip baths, mud therapy, spinal sprays, enemas, Herbal poultice, Fomentation, shirodhara and nasya,.
  • Kitchen and Dining area: At this facility, Naturopathy meals, juices, and other nourishments are prepared and served to health seekers seeking improved health in accordance with their doctor's prescribed regimen.
  • Yoga hall: Each morning, a yoga class is conducted at this location.
  • Gymnasium/ Exercise Room: The facility is well-equipped with essential fitness equipment, offering options for treadmill use, stretching, and specialized exercises under the supervision of medical professionals. Additionally, acupressure and acupuncture therapies are available at this center.
  • Garden: Situated at the heart of the campus lies a verdant garden adorned with swings. This spot is a beloved retreat for numerous health enthusiasts during their breaks.
  • Walking Trek: A walking trail has been established around the garden, prayer hall, kitchen, and organic farm, providing an ideal path for strolling. In the early morning and evening, this route is frequently used by health enthusiasts to enhance their well-being.
  • Accommodations: The campus offers four distinct types of accommodations Semispecial rooms for males and females, Special rooms, Deluxe rooms, and Suite rooms.