Services - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre

Naturopathy And Yoga Consultations For Inpatients

  • A comprehensive naturopathy and yoga consultation is provided to each patient upon admission.
  • Causative factors behind the illness and corrective and preventive measures are explained.

Residential treatment facility and 24x7 care

  • INYC is a residential treatment facility where naturopathic doctors are always available at the campus, round the clock for 24-hour patient care.


  • Psychological counselling and therapies are also available for stress related disorders and stress management.

Yoga therapy

  • General and therapeutic yoga classes are provided to all the patients.
  • Personalized yoga sessions are also available on request at a nominal cost.

Outpatient consultations

  • Consultations are also provided to outpatients with a prior appointment.