Tarrif - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre


Booking procedure

  • Prior booking for admission is mandatory for all the patients. For booking, please call INYC reception from Monday to Saturday, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.
  • Your confirmed booking determines the number of days you would stay at the centre.
  • Bookings are available on first-come-first-served basis.
  • You will be required to make an advance payment of required deposit amount at the time of booking. Details regarding the mode of payment and other charges will be provided at the time of booking.
  • You will be notified about the confirmation of booking after the completion of booking procedure. Patient should report to the centre only after the booking for the stay is confirmed.
  • You also need to make a prior booking for any attendant staying with the patient. Attendants will not be allowed to stay with a patient without prior booking. You will be required to deposit in advance the Room and meal charges applicable to the attendant. Attendants are not entitled to any treatment or therapy.
  • Extension in booking for stay for a period longer than your prior booking depends upon the availability of the rooms and the resources, and doctor’s recommendation.
  • In case of cancelling a booking, the refunds will be made as per the terms and conditions applicable at the time.
  • The room charges include charges for room, the normal naturopathy treatments, meals and yoga classes as prescribed by the naturopath at the centre.
  • Suite, Deluxe and Special rooms are available for single occupancy as well as on sharing basis.
  • Hot water is available in all the rooms.
  • Please ask the reception for the current charges for any additional treatments or for treatments as an out-patient and the charges for items such as food items, lappet, enema set, massage oil, mud packets, etc. Any additional treatments such as Shirodhara, relaxation massage, nasya, acupuncture, special yoga class, etc. will be charged extra. Any additional treatment can be obtained based on doctor’s advice and availability of resources.
  • Outdoor patients can also avail the facility of our treatment, yoga classes, meals and consultation with doctors after confirmed advanced booking.


Charges for various accommodation categories for In-Patients

Room Type

Single (Rs)

Sharing (Rs)


Suite 3,600 3,200 Two single beds, AC, Fridge & TV
Deluxe 2,200 1850 Two single beds, AC & TV
Special 1,600 1,300 Two single beds
(Separate rooms for male and female)
N/A 1,100 Three single beds

(Note - 24 hour hot water is available in all categories.)


Details of extra charges:

  1. The above charges includes food, accommodation, naturopathy treatments (hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, enema, steam therapy, mud therapy, lappet, shek), Yoga, Exercise therapy but some treatments such as Shirodhara, Nasya, acupuncture, Face-pack, Hair-pack, Kati basti, Janu basti etc. are not included hence will be charged extra.
  2. One time admission and consultation charges will also be charged separately and are not included in normal room charges.
  3. We can arrange for taxi or rickshaw service but it will be charged extra. 
  4. Toiletries such as bath soap, shampoo, etc. can be purchased from the reception counter at reasonable cost. There is no extra charge for hot water, mosquito repellant, mosquito net, and room cleaning.

List of essentials to be brought with you

  • Please carry an original copy of your valid photo ID proof as it will be required at the time of admission.
  • Bring appropriate clothes and undergarment for normal day to day wearing, yoga, walking, etc. and woolens, if you plan to come during the winter months.
  • Bring your own toiletries, tooth-paste and brush, comb, shaving kit, towel, napkins, a battery torch, umbrella in rainy season, foot wears, soaks.
  • Please bring your current medication, investigation and laboratory reports, etc. without failure.
  • Please note that during the treatments it is very common that your clothes may become muddy or oily. Hence take this into consideration and bring extra clothes accordingly.
  • You can also bring walking shoes as we have well maintained walking tracks at the centre.

Reporting and admission process

  • You will be required to report at the reception preferably at 8:00 am on the first day of your booking.
  • Transportation is available on request from the railway station or airport to the centre. Please inform the reception at least one day in advance to help us arrange for the transportation.
  • Your case file will be prepared after the initial consultation by the naturopath, and your treatments and diet will start accordingly.

Refund: in event of cancelling a booking the refunds will be made as per the following.

Advance notification for cancellation

Refund amount (in % of deposit)

Up to and before 7 days 90%
Between 7 and 3 days 70%
Less than 3 days Nil refund