Testimonials - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre

"This place is a must experience for 2 types of people: 1) Those who need help medically 2)Those who don’t need medical help; So basically for everyone.  They have natural care for almost everything that is troubling you. Even if you are completely fit, days spent here will rejuvenate your body and mind. Most part of your day goes in treatment rooms or the kitchen and there is no time at all to think about  your worries. The staff of this entire center is always smiling and come with a “happy to help” attitude. Extremely helping and caring people. There are various treatments that one has to undergo during  the day. Staying here presses the RESET button of your life and teaches the right way to healthy living!! A MUST EXPERIENCE."

Jaimin Parikh, Ahmedabad
Jan 2022

"I had very high blood sugar with neuropathy. After my stay of 15 days, my sugar level is significantly reduced; stamina increased and now I walk for more than a mile, my neuropathy symptoms also reduced. I thank Dr. Ripudaman singh and his team for the wonderful results."

HK Rathod, Surat
Dec 2021

"I am here for 8 days. I had taken different naturopathy treatments like massage, steam, shirodhara etc. Food quality of the INYC is very good, we won’t need outside food. We have a very natural environment, very helpful for meditation. In this place lots of birds can be seen, especially peacocks. I have realized that 90% of the problems come from stress. The team work is excellent, it feels like we are with family. I would like to introduce this place to all my friends. The charges are also very reasonable."

Kamlesh Shah, Mumbai
July 2021

"I had come to this Naturopathy center with lots of stress, back pain and pain in my legs. I also had digestive issues. After spending a few days here at IPCOWALA NATUROPATHY AND YOGA CENTER, my pain is almost gone and I am feeling much relaxed. I found the atmosphere of the campus very good and calm. All the staff is so helpful I can't describe this in words, the place is so wonderful. They provide many modalities for Naturopathy treatments. Despite taking care of the health aspect, the food is tasty. The best part is the evening assembly where we discuss healthy habits and do bhajans. Doctor here is very calm in nature and guides you at their best"

Mrs. Rekha Burana from Mumbai
July 2021

"Due to very busy and stressful business work during the pandemic, significant disturbance was created in my routine and professional capabilities. I had gained some extra kilos which developed back pain and headache. Initially I planned for 6 days but the results I got were surprising. I then decided to give 20 days here for complete restoration of health. On completion I am able Jog every day, I lost all extra kilos. I feel completely healthy and decided to visit once a year for at least 10 days to recharge. I really appreciate the hospitality and naturopathy services they provide. "

Mr. Manohar Tekwani from Ahmedabad
Dec 2021

"It is an excellent naturopathy centre. The therapies, yoga sessions, the food, all the staff- everything is well managed, well-groomed and as per the therapeutic way. The discipline of the time and other systems are followed in an extra-ordinary manner. Special thanks to the whole clinical team who have gone out of the way to treat all the patients and cured them in the best possible manner. Thanks to the administration and house-keeping staff for their extra care and services. Wishing all the very best to the management of the center to run it successfully."

Mrs Vaishali, Age - 44, from Alkapuri, Vadodara.
Duration of stay:
8 days. Date of discharge: 22-May-2017.

"I had severe pain in my knees and was about to go for surgery. However, due to my past experience I decided to go for naturopathy treatment. After my stay here for 10 days there is a lot of improvement in my knees. I don’t have the pain anymore. About the center, it is beyond my expectation. The treatments are very effective. The staff here is very co-operative. The educational lectures are life-changing and are very important to know about your body. I highly recommend staying here for 10 days once a year and cleaning of your body. "

Mrs Sheelvanti, Age-69, from Vadodara.
Duration of stay: 10 days. Date of discharge: 14 February 2017.

"My 12 days of stay has been relaxing and has helped me in regaining vitality and energy. The place is full of positive energy which helps your healing process. All this is thanks to the exemplary effort by all the staff involved in the different aspects of this place. The doctors, treatments specialists, the sweet smiles of people who feed us our meals, the people who help keep this place spic and span, the gardener who maintains such a beautiful garden, the security staff who are always ready to help no matter what time of the day and ever helpful admin staff. They all make this place a perfect destination for relaxation."

Mrs Joseph, Age-41, from Goregaon, Mumbai.
Duration of stay: 12 days. Date of discharge: 1 December, 2017

"My daughter and I are very satisfied and have benefitted from the treatments given to us at this centre. My back pain and pain in my foot has reduced to a great extent. The doctors, staff and trustees are so enthusiastic, cooperative and supportive that we do feel at home. We wish that this centre should become a catalyst to promote Naturopathy in Gujarat and India benefitting many patients."

Mr Sheth, Age 62 from Diwalipura, Vadodara.
Duration of stay: 7 days. Date of discharge: 17 August, 2017.

"The treatment that I received here exceeded my expectations. Everyone in the staff here are so cooperative and supportive. Visiting this place is a worthwhile experience. Doctors have great knowledge and they explain each and every doubts or questions calmly and in detail. I wish this centre the best of luck and pray that this facility becomes a well-known place for naturopathy treatment. I loved this place. Thank you everyone associated directly or indirectly with this organization."

Mr Virang, Age-33, from Satellite Road, Ahmedabad.
Duration of stay: 10 days. Date of discharge: 23 July, 2017.