Our Team - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre

This operation is driven by a strong spirit of teamwork that encompasses various aspects of our organization, involving not only the Management but also the Clinical Staff, Administrative Staff, Treatment Section Staff, Kitchen Staff, Housekeeping Team, Garden Maintenance Crew, and Security Personnel. Together, this cohesive team works harmoniously to cater to the needs and well-being of our valued health seekers. Each department plays a vital role in ensuring a holistic and nurturing environment for our clients.

Dr. Ripudaman Singh

Dr. Ripudaman Singh is a renowned naturopathy and yoga physician with a wealth of experience in successfully treating over ten thousand patients suffering from lifestyle-related conditions. His unwavering commitment to holistic healing has spanned more than a decade, during which he has specialized in a range of practices, including Nature cure, Yoga, Acupuncture, Diet therapy, massage therapy, and Exercise therapy.

During the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ripudaman Singh extended his expertise by providing online Naturopathy and yoga consultations, offering home remedies, and conducting yoga classes for individuals who had tested positive for the virus.

Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Ripudaman Singh is a dedicated public speaker who has orchestrated numerous public awareness campaigns, educational seminars, and treatment camps. His goal has been to introduce the benefits of naturopathy and yoga to young people and the broader public. Despite his active clinical practice, he has made a significant impact in academia, serving as a mentor to many aspiring Naturopathy Physicians for nearly a decade. Additionally, he is a respected research scholar, actively contributing to various publications in the field.

In his own words, Dr. Ripudaman Singh emphasizes, "One who maintains discipline in their diet and daily activities, while ensuring mental tranquility alongside physical activity, is on the path to experiencing good health. This is a place where such discipline is revered, and the blessings of Shri Jagaji Maharaj permeate the atmosphere. I take great pride in being a part of this exceptional wellness center, which offers truly integrated wellness services."

Dr. Shweta Chauhan

Dr. Shweta Chauhan has completed her degree course in Naturopathy (B.N.Y.S.) from Pt. Ravisankar Shukla University, her PhD from S-VYASA University Bengaluru. She is a passionate holistic healer with mastery over Nature cure concepts and therapies, Yoga, Acupuncture, Diet therapy, massage therapy, Exercise therapy etc. She is an experienced practitioner working longer than a decade and treating thousands of patients suffering from life-style diseases through Naturopathy and Yoga. She explores and practically implements Naturopathy health recipes for the benefit of health seekers through diet section staff members.

She has been providing online consultations through Naturopathy and yoga, encouraging and guiding covid positive patients since the first wave. She is especially interested and concerned with women's health issues and its management through holistic healing practices.

Despite being an active clinician, she has been very active in Academician for around a decade. She has been training many young Naturopathy Physicians under her guidance.

She is very thankful to “Jagaji Social and Education Trust” for providing her opportunity to work in his temple campus and to treat a number of health seekers for a vast range of health issues in the pious and vibrant environment of “Ipcowala Naturopathy and Yoga center” under his guidance and blessings of Trustees.

Dr. Roshni

Dr. Roshni, a graduate in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from Gujarat Ayurved University, has been part of our team since 2022. She's a two-time representative of Gujarat state in the National Yoga Championship. Roshni's empathetic approach and clear communication benefit our patients in the Yoga and Exercise Treatment Department. She conducts various sessions, including Trataka, Shudhhi Kriya, yoga, meditation, and exercise, and emphasizes the importance of yoga, naturopathy, and diet for health benefits.

In addition to her naturopathy background, Roshni holds an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Administration from IIBM Institute of Business Administration. She specializes in assisting individuals with lifestyle-related health issues. Furthermore, Roshni is a VISHARAD in Indian classical music, offering patients the therapeutic benefits of music therapy for disease management.