Indoor Charges - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre

Charges for various accommodation categories for In-Patients

Room Type

Single (Rs)

Sharing (Rs)


Suite 3,600 3,200 Two single beds, AC, Fridge & TV
Deluxe 2,200 1850 Two single beds, AC & TV
Special 1,600 1,300 Two single beds
(Separate rooms for male and female)
N/A 1,100 Three single beds

(Note - 24 hour hot water is available in all categories.)



Refund: in event of cancelling a booking the refunds will be made as per the following.

Advance notification for cancellation

Refund amount (in % of deposit)

Up to and before 7 days 90%
Between 7 and 3 days 70%
Less than 3 days Nil refund