Patient Expectation - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre

The patient is expected to comply without failure with the following requirements

  • We request our patients and residents to not compare this naturopathy centre with hotels and spas. This is not a commercial facility and pleasing our residents and making profit is not our goal. This is a sacred place where we try to bring the element of selfless service to our patients. Therefore, it is essential that patients completely surrender to the science of nature cure. This place is to be used as a platform to try and experience the benefits of the subtle holistic science of nature cure, and not to be used as place for entertainment or time pass.
  • You have come to this naturopathy centre to take naturopathy and other complementary treatments on your own accord. We expect you to have at least a basic understanding of the philosophy of nature cure and its associated benefits, limitations and precautions to be taken. (Please refer to the write-up on basic principles of nature cure in your Patient’s File).
    Please ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for naturopathy treatments, yoga classes, dieting and fasting, lifestyle changes, etc. as per the recommendations of the naturopath doctors here.
  • You are expected to follow the treatments, dietary changes and other therapies as prescribed by the doctor at the centre and will cooperate with the concerned naturopath doctor/s and other therapists and technicians of the centre.
  • You shall not make any changes on your own to any treatment, dietary advice or therapies and agree to take diet and treatments as prescribed by the naturopath at the centre. You shall not eat any food stuff which is not prescribed by the concerned naturopath, including any food items brought in by you or provided from outside the centre. The management or the doctors of the centre will not be responsible for any consequences arising from ignoring or deviating from our prescribed line of treatment.
  • You should take enough rest whenever possible when not taking any treatment, therapy, having meals, etc. Any business or work related activities including talking to and meeting people for this purpose are strictly prohibited while at the centre. Even mobile and laptop should not be used for the normal business or work purposes. You shall avoid such activities as it could seriously affect the outcome of our treatments and therapies.
  • Smoking and consuming liquor, non-veg, drugs, tobacco, padiki, etc. are strictly prohibitate within or outside the centre after the admission as an Inpatient, and anyone found consuming or possessing such items shall be immediately discharged from the centre.
  • As far as possible, you shall not leave the premises of the centre after the admission, and in case of any unavoidable situation shall leave the premises only after obtaining the written permission of the concerned naturopath doctor.
  • You are expected to disclose fully all your current health problems, including all the illnesses, disorders, physical as well as mental, to the doctor at the centre.
  • During my stay at INYC you shall not make any changes to my current medication, including the quantity of the current medication without the consent of the naturopath doctor assigned to me.
  • Health improvements due to naturopathy treatment at the centre and following diet and lifestyle advice after leaving the centre are common, and may require a review of my medication. Hence, after leaving this centre, if required, you shall consult the concerned naturopath, your physician or general practitioner for any alteration to the medication.
  • You should avoid all unnecessary discussions with other patients. Preaching about any religion, philosophy, Guru, tradition or political parties, or recommending any other alternate therapy to other patients is strictly prohibited in this centre.
  • I shall not talk or conduct prayer, etc. loudly or do any such activity which could cause disturbance to other patients, employees or residents at the campus. I will keep silence as much as possible. You shall try to avoid using mobile and laptop at the centre, and if necessary, will use it consciously and without causing any disturbance to other patients or employees.
  • In case of emergency, in the best interest of your health the concerned doctor is authorised to take necessary actions including transferring you to another hospital and consulting or handing over to another medical doctor, if necessary.
  • During your stay you shall avoid any misuse of the resources and facilities at the centre.
  • All the services provided here are in good faith, without any discrimination of cast or religion, and you are expected to conduct yourself accordingly and follow all the requirements, rules and regulations as explained to you and as given in the brochure.
  • The promoters, management, naturopaths and other therapists or technicians at the centre will not be responsible for any health consequences – physical or mental during your stay at the centre or after your discharge from the centre.
  • Admission to INYC and the duration of your stay will be completely at the discretion of the management of INYC. The management reserves the right to discontinue my stay at any time and at any stage without any explanation.