Nimesh is the Yoga & Life Style Consultant at INYC, M.E. (Universirty Of Auckland, NewZealand )

He has worked for over 15 years in engineering industry in India and New Zealand. Inspired by an inner call, he retired from the engineering profession in Sept 1999, when he resigned from the position of Director of Operations of an American global/multinational company.

Out of the aspiration for self-development, he trained himself as yoga and lifestyle consultant at Wellpark College of Naturopathy, Auckland, New Zealand where he obtained a diploma in yoga and certificate in ayurvedic lifestyle counselling.

Since 2006 he has been involved in conducting regular yoga classes, providing lifestyle consultations and counseling, conducting educational lectures and workshops about yoga and healthy lifestyle for patients, clients, various organizations and the community in general.

He is a pure vegetarian, regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, and a committed follower of natural lifestyle. He also has a special interest in organic gardening.