Scope of Treatment at Ipcowala Naturopathy and Yoga Centre - Ipcowala Naturopathy & Yoga Centre
  • At INYC naturopathy principles and holistic practices are integrated into disease management and prevention to help patients reach a state of holistic health and wellness.
  • Most chronic ailments are successfully treated at INYC as long as the patient arrives in a stable medical condition.
  • INYC has established naturopathy protocols that determine the criteria for admission and extent of treatment for every patient.
  • Please refer to a detailed explanation of basic fundamentals of naturopathy in our “educational” section.

We also provide consultations, naturopathy treatments, yoga training and acupuncture treatments to out-patients (our OPD)

How to choose from the treatment programs available at INYC?

INYC is a 50-bedded residential treatment facility where naturopathic doctors are available at the campus, round the clock for 24-hour patient care. The following “treatment programs” are available at INYC depending on the unique individual needs of every patient: